OK….rain, drizzles, showers…ad infinitum.  Right?  If you watched the movie, Angela’s Ashes, did you ever see an outside scene without rain?  Probably not.  Ireland’s climate gets a bad rap. 

Well here’s my weather experience, incredible though it may sound, of walking for about 400 miles in Ireland in 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008. It included Dublin to Galway Bay and then Tramore to Derry.  You might note that I did avoid some of the rainiest regions of the island.  But only about three times, and then just for short periods of light showers or drizzle, did I have to don my rain poncho over those several weeks of walking. I did experience real rain, but it was after I was back in Dublin relaxing for a couple days before flying home. I never experienced any rain that affected my walk.

Perfect weather in Northern Ireland!!

The Irish reading this might think I spent too much time kissing the Blarney stone. It does rain in Ireland, and rain quite often and sometimes it’s quite blustery. I was just lucky.  The luck of the Irish-heritage visitor, I must believe. 

For the visitor to Ireland, it is wise to prepare for some periods of rain.  The chances are fair that if you plan to walk the entire Grand Canal Way you’ll get at least a little wet.  It won’t hurt you, so accept it and prepare for it. 

Weather forecasts are quite reliable these days.  I use a weather forecasting web site that offers historical weather information so I can see not only the expected conditions over the next few days, but historically what the weather has been like each of the past several years for the days I select.  Weather Underground is found at .  Type in Tullamore Ireland in the Search space and the current weather at a County Offaly site will appear.  On that same page, find Trip Planner, enter your dates of interest, and you’ll see the high and low temperatures for the past few years for those dates.  You’ll also see if it rained on those days.  The trip planner is most useful for the non-Irish who, in February, for example, may wonder what the temperatures might be on the days they plan to walk, 4 – 8 June.  

Don’t forget to bring some sunscreen!

Well, a "soft day" in County Offaly.  Drizzle was so light the man in the distance had no rain gear.  Perfect hiking weather!